What is an anti-inflammatory diet and what is it good for?

Chronic inflammation is the root of almost all diseases today. In fact, it is associated with the development of autoimmune diseases such as lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroid, arthritis or Type I Diabetes, among others. It is also associated with inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity, and even some mental disorders, Alzheimer’s and certain types of cancer. For this reason, we will now explain what an anti-inflammatory diet consists of and what is it good for, helping us, as far as possible, to avoid these problems.

It is true, we follow a pro-inflammatory lifestyle. Prolonged stress, processed food, pro-inflammatory foods, polluted air and little physical activity damage our body without even being aware of what is happening. Precisely for this reason, it is so important to fight these internal inflammations at a cellular level and that is why it is important that our daily menu is made up of anti-inflammatory foods that help us build good health. In short, an anti-inflammatory diet that helps us to:

  1. Protect ourselves against those diseases related to chronic inflammation.
  2. Prevent the appearance of inflammatory processes.
  3. Prevent chronic pain caused by inflammation.

But what does an anti-inflammatory diet consist of?

There is no anti-inflammatory diet that is not built on the basis of a balanced diet. The introduction of anti-inflammatory foods into the diet has no use if we don’t eliminate pro-inflammatory foods and don’t take care of diet in general. So what should we do to effectively reduce inflammation through diet?

  1. Eliminate pro-inflammatory foods like processed foods, rich in trans fat; refined flours, sugar, dyes and other artificial substances are among the biggest causes of chronic inflammation.
  2. Restructure the bases of our diet and build it based on foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that benefit the human body. Only this type of food will really nourish our cells and tissues.
  3. Introduce anti-inflammatory foods. The more varied and colorful our diet is, the more anti-inflammatory it usually is. So ‘Eat a rainbow’ is not a joke when it comes to protecting against disease. However, the true anti-inflammatory power is hidden in some active substances of plants and spaces. Therefore, if our body is already inflamed, it may be necessary to include powerful natural anti-inflammatories in our diet on a daily basis.

By following these three steps we’ll be following the premises of an anti-inflammatory diet capable of reducing the risk of multiple diseases and other dangers associated with a pro-inflammatory lifestyle. However, we understand that this is not an easy challenge because we are used to certain things, we have acquired certain habits, which do not benefit us. But the good news is that taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to be boring, and on the contrary, following an anti-inflammatory diet can be easy, fun and tasty. Any doubts? Take a look at our recipes section and discover delicious foods that will help you maintain good health. And here’s a small tip: we recommend to start with the anti-inflammatory nighttime oatmeal.


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