Are superfoods necessary for our health?

The concept of using superfoods is very simple: incorporate added value into our meals without drastically changing our daily lives. But, are superfoods necessary for our health?

The truth is that there are always exceptions and if you are one of the few who do not smoke, do not drink, is always relaxed, sleep and rest very well, practice physical activity daily, have a healthy, well-balanced, diet where most of the foods that you consume they are organic, do not take medications and, in general, have great health, your blood tests are great, you maintain good energy levels throughout the day and you breathe fresh air while taking walks through a wild forest, surely you do not need anything else.

A very different rhythm and lifestyle

However, unfortunately, most of us do not meet all the requirements mentioned above and, therefore, the reality is that yes, superfoods are necessary. Why? The majority of the population lives with high levels of stress, poor soil quality, little time to play sports, little time to cook at home with natural foods, air pollution, headaches, heartburn, stress, or high cholesterol.l.

The statistics are very worrying:

  • 63% of adults suffer from chronic diseases.
  • 70% of people take at least 1 medicine every day.
  • According to the WHO “The majority of the world population lives in countries where overweight and obesity claim more people’s lives than underweight.”

Certainly, something is wrong. The current rhythm of life prevents us from having needs equal to those of our parents or grandparents. So we need something with superpowers to support our organisms in their daily struggles, some extra protection against disease.

And that is precisely where superfoods can help us. They can bring to our diets the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and phytochemicals, among others rich in enzymes, that help our bodies face adversities. In other words, superfoods are a great natural and organic way of giving our bodies the necessary nutrients to face the challenges of our day by day.

Of course, depending on our lifestyle, our individual needs and, or goals, we can choose from a long list of superfoods, depending on their benefits. If we are beginners in the world of superfoods, we can also choose functional superfood blends, since they are usually designed by professionals.

So, are superfoods necessary?

Of course, there is no miracle substance to replace a healthy and balanced diet, physical activity and a good rest, but superfoods, being foods rich in nutrients and vitamins, seem to be a great help for all those who cannot carry a 100% healthy lifestyle or for those who have special health needs. Therefore, if we think about the quality of our lives, everything we can do to live better, healthier, more nourished, happier, and in better health, welcome, right? Thinking about it this way, superfoods, thanks to their numerous benefits, are a great ally that we don’t think we can miss.


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