Discover the diet capable of lowering your blood cholesterol levels

Your father had high cholesterol in the last blood test, your neighbor complains about the same thing, and you think: “should I worry it too?” Keep reading and discover the perfect diet to lower high cholesterol.

Too high cholesterol levels seem to be a plague today. The most common solution is medication. However, we know that prolonged use of the drugs has side effects. One of the first organs overloaded by excess drugs is the liver, the organ responsible for cholesterol synthesis, which is why we enter a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out. So what can we do? Proper nutrition can be our great ally and help us balance blood cholesterol levels.

What is the perfect diet to lower high cholesterol?

The first thing we should do when trying to lower our cholesterol levels is to confront the best-known myths about foods to lower high cholesterol. Let’s get down to business!

Is it necessary to consume skim dairy? No. What is necessary is to choose dairy products that do not have added sugar.

Is it advisable to buy products enriched in phytosterols (milk, margarines, etc.)? Not at all. But it is necessary to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Is it necessary to limit fat intake? Not at all. But we do have to change the type of fats that we use and opt only for: blue fish (if we consume it), natural nuts, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, seeds, etc.

Do I need to remove the eggs? No. But eliminating the consumption of sweets, pastries and soft drinks is essential.

Do I need to completely remove the salt? No, but it is necessary to avoid consuming ultra-processed foods such as industrial sauces, snacks, pre-cooked or ready-to-eat products, potato chips, breadsticks, popcorn, etc.

Is it advisable to choose low-fat cold cuts, such as turkey or chicken breast (preferably light)? No, to lower high cholesterol you need to avoid eating processed meats (including deli meats, sliced ​​turkey or chicken breast) and increase your intake of legumes (get inspired by our detoxifying hummus recipe).

Taking all this into account, what are those foods that we should avoid in a diet to lower high cholesterol?

Enemies of our cardiovascular system:

· Industrial pastries.
· Fast food (hamburgers, fries, fried chicken, nuggets, etc.)
· Prepared soups and sauces; mayonnaise, ketchup, artificial flavorings, sugar, flavor enhancers and other unnecessary substances.
· Salty snacks, such as potato chips, donuts, industrial popcorn etc.
· Precooked products (dumplings, croquettes, cannelloni, etc.), ready frozen dishes.
· Cookies, donuts, muffins, cereal bars, etc.
· Sweets.
· Soft drinks, sodas, sugary juices.
· Fried nuts (especially peanuts).
· Margarines.

Essential changes to achieve results with this diet capable of lowering your blood cholesterol levels, avoiding these foods is just the beginning. Therefore, in the following article you can find the ‘star’ foods that will allow you to improve your cholesterol profiles. You are ready? Click here.


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