Double energy balls

We all have cravings. That is a universal truth that you have also experienced, right?. Therefore, in this recipe we show you a rich and healthy way of sweetening your life a little, without harming your health or your diet. The Double energy balls are perfect, not only when you want something sweet, but when you need an extra shot of energy, they will be your ideal companion.

Practical, healthy and energizing, this will become your favorite recipe. Made with natural ingredients, you can also adapt our recipe to your taste by adding the nuts that you like the most. Both for dessert and to snack between meals, add this secret weapon to your recipe book and keep a rich and balanced diet without effort.

You dare? Keep reading and discover how to make these fantastic little balls step by step.

Double energy balls: The dessert of your dreams and ours

Difficulty: medium

Preparation time: 45 – 50 minutes.


· ½ cup of cashews without salt (about 75 gr).

· ¾ cup of dates without seeds (about 150gr).

· 1 level tablespoon of Olettie Energy.

· 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

· Battered to taste: pure cocoa, grated coconut, chopped nuts…


1. Put the cashews to soak for at least 30 min (it would be best to leave them 6-8 hours).

2. After this time, drain them and crush them with a mixer until you get bits to taste.

3. Add the pitted dates, Olettie Energy and coconut oil.

4. Whisk until everything is well mixed.

5. Shape some balls with your hands and dip them into your favorite flavor: pure cocoa, grated coconut, cinnamon, chopped nuts …

6. Store the balls in a tupper in the fridge (they last a week perfectly) and enjoy them whenever you want.

Tell us your favourite combination on our social networks. We will be happy to read you.

Enjoy them!


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