4 superfoods that will help you maintain the health of your liver

The liver performs more than 500 vital functions that keep our health and well-being on point. Its main role is to get rid of toxins, medications, alcohol, excess food… But it’s also to balance the levels of most substances found in our blood. It is, so to speak, the great purifier of our body that allows us a natural detoxification. For this reason today we’d like to talk about four liver superfoods that will help you maintain your health.

The liver, in addition to being our natural detoxification tool, is also responsible for producing bile, some proteins and cholesterol, it is also our storage of energy in the form of glycogen so, when necessary, manufacture glucose. Without proper liver function, our bodies cannot perform well.

However, stress, poor diet, alcohol consumption, medication use (yes, ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also count) and other toxins overloads our great detoxification organ and prevents it from fulfilling its role. What can we do about that? Introduce to our diet foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that benefit the human body to improve the functioning of the liver and, at the same time, the natural detoxification processes.

What are the best liver superfoods?


It improves the production of bile, has antioxidant properties and protects hepatocytes (liver cells). In addition, it helps to balance cholesterol levels in the body and that, in a few words, can be described as protection against diseases, especially those that affect the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, the artichoke has a very low caloric density. Baked, boiled, in stew, cream, juice or infusion are good ways to introduce this food into your diet.

Milk thistle

One of the star products for the regeneration and recovery of the liver, it contains silymarin, a substance with the power to protect and regenerate liver cells that, according to several studies, also has antioxidant, detox, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, silymarin extracts are often used as ingredients in supplements and medications dedicated to improve liver function.

The best way to consume this product? Of course, in powder. Therefore, milk thistle is essential in our Olettie Detox blend. A rich, versatile and easy way to introduce this superfood into our daily lives. However, you can also consume its freshly ground seeds to dress your dishes, toasts, sandwiches or even desserts, but you have to keep in mind that this product can be quite bitter. Looking for inspiration to include it in your meals? Do not miss our recipes section and discover how to include milk thistle in your diet.


Famous for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, this space improves liver function and recovery, fat metabolism and increases the production of liver enzymes, unpredictable for digesting and metabolizing all foods well. Find turmeric in our Olettie Anti-inflammation blend.

Cruciferous vegetables

Brussels sprouts, broccoli, radish, cauliflower, cabbage or arugula are super foods that have strong cancer-fighting properties. It is one of the reasons why we should all consume them several times a week. But that is not all, because cruciferous vegetables are also full of aforementioned glutathione, the substance that helps detoxify and purify the liver. Also, like artichoke, they have very low caloric density. Garlic and onion, citrus, green tea and all green leafy vegetables are also very good companions to a healthy balanced diet for this organ.

How you see, caring for the liver and improving natural detoxification processes with food is not so complicated. With a couple of changes in your daily life, like including liver superfoods in your diet, you will find yourself much better.


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