Our Story

7:00 in the morning

You wake up every morning motivated to start the day, but you feel that daily life is too much. You know that you need to find energy and balance to accompany you during the day that will help you to be a more focused, positive, and vital person. A more complete person.

The professional and family challenges will always be there, they are part of that process, but there is a factor that depends entirely on you and helps you achieve balance and vitality: food.

Life's rhythm can disconnect you from the vital process of nutrition. Sounds familiar?

This was Joanna’s life as a multinational executive: frantic rhythm, demanding schedules, frequent trips, and long meetings. A lifestyle where a balanced routine and healthy nutrition wasn’t easy to keep. A little bit of yoga in the morning was great, but in terms of food everything was about hotel breakfast and a sandwich between meetings.

Olettie Superfoods: Harmony between the pace of life and the need to nourish ourselves and feel good

At that moment Joanna began to take her own “rescue set” on the road, different powdered superfoods to add vitality easily and quickly to her snacks, and thus maintain the balance that is lost in times of stress and daily demands.

And just like that, as a rescue, Olettie Superfoods appears: a way to find harmony between the pace of life and the need to nourish ourselves and feel good.

We are what we eat and these foods can help us to be more, much more

With Olettie, we make the most of the richness of superfoods by incorporating them into the daily routine. A small change compatible with your lifestyle, but powerful enough to help you achieve a great transformation in your health and well-being.

Our superfoods came to help us become more, to bring us to function in the full potential of our organisms, and to ensure the adequate supply of nutrients and active substances so necessary to achieve that goal.

Hi! We are Joanna and Magda

Two passionate lovers of nature, superfoods, healthy living, well-being, and mindfulness. Joanna, our founder, has change from ‘stressed executive’ to ‘happy entrepreneur’. Passionate traveler, she loves yoga and Ayurveda, believes in the power of the fusion between Zen moments and the rhythm of the modern world.

Magda, our dietitian, nutritionist, and cognitive science specialist, is always looking for the best solutions designed by nature for all kinds of wellness-related problems. Based on that harmony between health and rhythm of life, we can say: We love living in our bodies!

Healthy people on a healthy planet

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