5 stimulating foods to keep your energy level always at maximum

Do you wake up tired in the morning wanting to give it your all to stay a little longer in bed? Do you need an urgent energy rush in the middle of the afternoon when you notice that you can no longer perform? Do you feel like you can’t share enough free time with your loved ones, because you just don’t have energy? Of course, you need an extra shot of energy (as everyone does from time to time) and the good thing is that you can do it by simply introducing stimulating foods into your diet like the ones we are going to show you below.

Our top 5 stimulating foods:

1. Pure cocoa

Delicious! Chocolate aroma, rich antioxidants and a subtle energy rush. Pure cocoa is one of the tastiest stimulant foods out there and contains a substance called theobromine, which improves nervous system function and stimulates gently, but noticeably. In addition, pure cocoa is a source of magnesium, an essential mineral for proper brain work and good concentration.

2. Maca

One of our favourite energy foods and a great discovery. Why? Because it not only provides lasting energy, but also improves our mood and provides more vitality.

3. Guarana

A classic among the best energy foods, it contains a substance called guaranin that can be equaled to the caffeine present in coffee, but its effect on the body is different because it is much more durable than coffee and, on top of that, it does not cause nervousness, which some people experience when drinking coffee.

4. Banana

One of the perfect energy foods to improve physical and mental performance. Rich in potassium and other mineral salts along with a contribution of carbohydrates of easy assimilation, makes this food the perfect product when we notice a drop in energy.

5. Matcha

Another great discovery among stimulant foods, it contains caffeine but in a lower dose than coffee. In addition, matcha caffeine is progressively released into the body throughout the day without causing the sudden highs and lows of energy. In addition, unlike coffee matcha does not cause addiction, it is also one of the most powerful antioxidant foods there is.

As you see, the list of energy and stimulant foods is extensive. To give yourself a healthy energy shot, without dips, you can:

  1. Try some energy superfood that we have told you about.
  2. Make an energetic mix of some (be careful, don’t overdo it when mixing too many stimulating foods).
  3. Simply, try our blend, because it’s already balanced, under the indications of our professionals, both in flavor and in the appropriate ratios between one energy food and another.


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