Top 3 superfoods: Discover our favorites

We have already told you what superfoods are, what their benefits are, and what is the easiest and safest way to consume them. Now we have to jump into the pool and tell you which are our favorites in this top 3 superfoods that have us completely in love. And do not think that it has been easy for us to choose only three, to choose between so much food rich in nutrients and vitamins, enzymes, that benefit the health of our body, with a high content of minerals. Are you curious? Well, keep reading!

Top 3 superfoods for a healthy life:

1. Maca

Considered the quintessential natural adaptogen, maca is among the best-known energy and stimulant foods. In Peru, where it comes from, it was used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, due to its role in increasing libido. Today, it is also used for its energizing and invigorating effects, which, contrary to what we might believe, does not cause nervousness but, on the contrary, it can even help us reduce anxiety and improve symptoms of depression.

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2. Turmeric

An essential for us, turmeric is a must in any list of the best superfoods since it is one of the spices with the greatest therapeutic potential that exists.  With more than 170 healing and medicinal effects associated with it, who would not want to include it in their diet? A great painkiller and a very powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric also has some anti-tumor activity. But that is not all, among the benefits of this spice are great antioxidant properties, the ability to combat internal inflammation and, at the cellular level, the ability to improve our cognitive functioning and cardiovascular system.

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3. Acerola.

The queen of vitamin C, acerola is essential for, among other things:

  • Good immune function.
  • The formation of adequate levels of collagen in the skin (making it perfect for preventing the aging of this organ), the gums, teeth, blood vessels, and the proper functioning of bones and cartilage.
  • The good functioning of the nervous system, because it helps to calm anxiety and control stress and fatigue.
  • Better assimilation of iron.
  • A brake on free radicals.

With these properties, acerola can be described as a perfect food to strengthen the immune system, prevent aging, and calm anxiety, among others. Fall in love with its benefits in our Beauty Boost blend.

What do you think of our top 3? For us, they have meant a radical change in our lives. nd what about you? Do you agree with us or do you have your own favorites? Do not hesitate to tell us your opinions about superfoods or questions about it through our social networks. We are looking forward to reading from you.


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